We are still open but running on a slight delay. Lead times are currently running at 5-7 weeks from deposit, we are following the social distancing guidelines and using online consultations for meetings, as we build off site and modular we can install with zero contact with the client.

  • Fast Turnaround: Installed within 1 month of ordering
  • Modular Construction: Built off site and delivered in panels
  • Quick installation: Installation process approx 3 days including foundations
  • Bespoke: Choose your size, shape and materials
  • Eco Friendly: Sustainable materials
  • High build quality: Conforms with building regulations
  • Built to last: Durable and maintenance free
  • Multi purposes: can be used as a garden office, gym or studio among many other uses
  • Investment: Increase the value of your property, decrease the cost of your commute/office rent
  • Clear pricing structure: Upfront prices detailed on our standard list, no hidden costs.
  • Turn-key solution: We get planning permission and building regs where necessary, arrange demolitions and then install the pod.
  • Affordable: reasonably priced and the costs can be spread with our finance option
  • Premium: One off architect designed options available