An Okopod garden room is an asset and adds value to your property. It is a wise investment, which you can also enjoy the benefits of before you sell.

One main benefit is the extra space it creates, with a multitude of uses; from home gym, home office or guest room to just a quiet space with extra storage. It is extra space without the disruption and cost of building an extension. Not all houses are easy to extend or would suit an extension, but with an Okopod you have a modern stylish space which can be located anywhere in your garden, at a space and size to suit you.

Flexibility in use also allows potential buyers to imagine a use that will suit their particular requirements.
Since our Okopods are sustainable they can add a dimension of appeal to your property, their use of eco-friendly materials and innovative insulation technologies ensures lower energy consumption, making the property more attractive to environmentally conscious buyers. Okopod garden rooms are designed with low maintenance in mind, utilising durable and weather-resistant materials. This feature not only adds convenience for the current homeowner but also appeals to potential buyers who appreciate a property with minimal upkeep requirements.
Okopods are a stylish addition to any home, they add a lifestyle aspiration for many people, they represent a freedom to do your own thing in your own space. Built for year-round usability, by craftsmen, with sustainable materials. With windows and doors which allow inside/outside living, to create your ideal environment.


An Okopod can help maximise your living space and provide additional storage space, without the need for a more costly extension or need to move.

Our Okopods are environmentally friendly, fully insulated, year-round garden rooms. Usually without the need for planning permission (and if they do, we can help). They are built using a modular construction, so quick and simple to install. It is also usually possible to move, when you decide to move house!

Flexibility is a key point for our Okopods, they create a peaceful place to work from home, they can be an office one year and a guest room the next. All our Okopods are bespoke, so if you are creating a home Gym or Yoga studio you can have underfloor heating and air conditioning.

They are a stylish addition to any property, how would you use an Okopod?


The Okopod modular concept means creating your perfect space might be easier, quicker, and more affordable than you think. Fully customisable, low carbon, and installed in just a few days. This Oko_deco style pod has a bi fold door which is great in warmer weather. But for winter, the pod is kept warm and cosy by our standard, environmentally friendly, thermafleece insulation and heating.

Installation by our expert team can be by a crane of a completed pod, or if a crane cannot access the site, we deliver modular panels created in our workshop and quickly assembled onsite. All designed to make the process efficient for our clients.


Work from home in one of our fully insulated and heated Okopods.

Our Okopods are sustainable and modular, so can be delivered and installed quickly. Normally they don’t require planning, so hassle free and if the size is large and requires planning we can help with this as well.

No more commuting, saving time and money. Your workplace would be designed to fit your needs, the size you need to be, the internal fit-out which works for you. You can tailor your workspace to your exact preferences – more natural light, or a more private workspace, different cladding materials and flooring options. It can have flexible uses, part office/part gym being a popular choice.

A garden office allows you to have your own quiet space away from distraction, whilst also freeing up space in your home. A functional space, which also is designed to add a stunning feature to your home.


At this time of year, a common question is – how warm are your Okopods in Winter?
The easy answer is cozy and warm in Winter and cool in the Summer. All our Ookopods are bespoke and that includes how you would like to specify your heating requirements.
We supply as standard an electric radiator at a size suitable for the size of the the Okopod. It is wifi enabled, which means that it can be controlled from an App on your phone. It can be programmed to come on and off whenever required. Not standard but optional, are the stylish, vertical wall mounted radiators. 
We also offer aircon which is a very efficient way to heat as well as to cool down. The aircon system uses A highly efficient inverter system and iECO energy saving technology make this air conditioner very economical to run. It also has a dual purification system – dual filters remove dust and absorb harmful particles and bacteria, giving you cleaner, fresher air.
The Air Con also has a quick one touch function, which can flash cool the ooom in 60 seconds, perfect for those summer days and also if you use your Okopod as a gym.
Underfloor heating is also available, which is great if you use your Okopod for a Yoga or Pilates Studio.


Our Okopods are modular, built at our workshop and then delivered and installed in just a few days onsite.

If the site has close access to a road, then our Okopods arrive fully assembled on a truck and then craned into position. For this Okopod sections were delivered and our expert team efficiently and quickly assembled the Okopod onsite.

Instead of deep and expensive foundations we use our Okobase which is a modular foundation system built on the same core values as Okopod, in almost all cases these works are completed within day one of construction.

The Okobase raft can be placed on many varied ground conditions. For example, clay subsoils that tend to shrink/expand over the cycle of wet and dry seasons with trees or vegetation. Even soft ground conditions do not deter Okobase. The raft is stiff to retain its original shape when used as a building support despite movement of the ground below it. This ensures that deformation of the ground does not lead to distortion of the building carried by the Okobase raft.


OKOPODs are designed with sustainability in mind and they can benefit from the addition of a sedum roof. Here are 5 benefits of the green roof

1. Enhanced Sustainability:
Natural Insulation: Sedum roofs act as natural insulation, regulating the temperature inside your OKOPOD. This can reduce the need for artificial heating or cooling, aligning with the eco-friendly principles of the OKOPOD design.

2. Biodiversity Promotion:
Habitat creation: The sedum plants on the roof attract pollinators, contributing to local biodiversity.

3. Stormwater Management:
Reduced run off: Sedum roofs absorb rainwater, reducing runoff and assisting in stormwater management.

4. Aesthetic Integration:
Visual harmony: The sedum roof integrates with the OKOPOD design, adding a layer of greenery that complements the natural surroundings. This enhances the overall visual appeal of the garden room and creates a harmonious connection with nature.

5. Low-Maintenance Synergy:
Minimal upkeep: Sedum plants are known for their low maintenance requirements. This aligns with the Okopod’s low to no maintenance approach.

All OKOPODs are structurally calculated and designed to take the additional load of the sedum roof.


We build Okopods any size or shape, all our Okopods are bespoke. This latest one is a home gym and an home office. We care about the environment and our Okopods are low carbon and sustainable. They are built in our workshop and delivered and installed by our experienced team in days, and come fully insulated ready for winter!