What foundations are needed for an Okopod?
We use our innovative Okobase system, find out more here. We can also build directly onto a suitable pre-existing concrete base.

Is electrical installation included?
As standard all our OKOPODs have an allowance for electrics which includes 2 double sockets, 4 spot lights and 2 external lights. You can add as many as you wish. We are also able to connect the OKOPOD to you house but this will need quoting on a case by case basis. 

How much will delivery cost?
Delivery is included in your OKOPOD quotation. Contact us for a free consulatation here.

What regions do you cover?
In most cases we are able to deliver and install Okopods anywhere in the UK.

What if the only access to our garden is through the house?
In almost all cases, we can work around this cleanly & efficiently. We can offer bring the OKOPOD through the house and we have also been known to crane our buildings over houses. 

Are OKOPODs insulated?
All our buildings are insulated as standard which includes floor, walls and ceilings. As standard we insulate our garden rooms with sheepswool in the floors and ceilings and mineral wool in the walls, we use these insulation for their eco credentials and sustainability whilst also giving great performance in all conditions. 

Can OKOPODs be used as extensions?
Yes, our buildings are used as extensions. We have a fully building compliant system that we use for this which incorporates our eco builds with our factory efficiency to give you a super modern and new age extension in a fraction of the time to conventional building. 

Can OKOPOD build full houses?
Yes, our system can be used for large builds and is fully building control compliant. Its packed for of insulation and exceeds building regulations, get in touch to discuss your project in more detail.