We believe in building things to last. That means we only use carefully selected, sustainably sourced and naturally durable materials.


We offer a range of sustainable timbers including favourites cedar, kebony, grandis and Sugi Shou Ban (burnt wood) — modified by natural, chemical free processes, also Thermowood cladding. Softwood is much more sustainable than hardwood as the trees grow much faster, and once modified it outlives hard wood timbers. Also the option of  zinc cladding, or entirely bespoke if you are feeling creative.

Find out more about Okopod sustainability and embodied carbon here.


Choosing aluminium means selecting a material which is both durable and incredibly easy to endlessly recycle. Low-carbon aluminium has a far lower carbon footprint and is produced using green energy — plus there is no need to treat regularly and it does not move in different environments.


We use a single ply membrane which is a flexible and lightweight roofing system with a proven track record. The single ply mebrane is a synthetic PVC system which delivers excellent thermal performance and an airtight construction, thereby reducing a building’s carbon footprint whilst ensuring high quality waterproofing protection. It is recyclable and offers exceptional long life cycle performance, reducing the impacts associated with environmental landfill and whole life cost expenditure. It also offers high resistance against UV irradiance and all common environmental influences. An optional sedum roof increases the lifespan further, reduces heat loss and absorbs co2 aiding the air quality.


Okopod interior walls are birch plywood, a very sustainable timber with a beautiful finish and no need to plaster. We advise a rubber floor, constructed using recycled car tyres — very durable and awarded some of Europe’s most prestigious eco certifications. Bamboo and wool carpets are also very sustainable flooring options, or choose a cork floor with a negative carbon footprint due to its unique harvesting process.