Foundations: Our basic prices allow for ground screws which are a quick and efficient way of installing the garden rooms they are a sustainable product as there is no need for digging or concrete. We can install any form of foundation requested but there can be time and cost implications to alternative footings.

Wall, floor and roof panels: We construct our innovative and personalised “cassette panels” these cassette panels are designed to bolt into one another and because of the smart cassette system allow us to build the garden room to any size you want, standard prices show 0.6m increments but we can make any size at all. Our cassette panels are built from sustainable timber and are heavily insulated, we insulate them to a high standard to limit heat loss and keep energy bills low. We have designed cassette panels for walls, roofs and floors. These cassettes come totally finished and simply require bolting together.

External Finishes

Roof System: The flat roof is finished using EPDM rubber membrane and an optional sedum roof. EPDM rubber has been judged to be the most sustainable flat roofing material due to its service life of 50 years+ 30 years is under warranty. EPDM does not pollute rainwater, much of the rubber comes from recycling waste material from car tyres and at the end of its life it can be recycled. As an option this can then be covered in sedum which not only looks beautiful but it increases the lifespan of the roof, reduces the heat loss and absorbs co2 aiding the air quality.

Cladding Options: We offer a range of sustainable exterior cladding options including modified softwoods, locally sourced timbers such as ash and sycamore, the likes of accoya and kebony have been modified by natural, chemical free processes, this then produces a softwood timber that acts like a hardwood, the products are incredibly durable and will last up to 80 years untreated, some of our timbers even carry a 50 year guarantee. Soft wood is much more sustainable than hard wood as the trees grow much faster and are considered a very renewable source, once it has been modified it also out lives hard wood timbers. Ash is our exception to the softwood/hardwood rule as it is very locally sourced it becomes a sustainable product the brimstone treatments is chemical free and results in the product becoming very stable.

Doors and windows: We use local manufacturers for the supply of our windows and doors, our timber is sustainably sourced as locally as possible and our aluminium option presents sustainability as aluminium is incredibly easy to endlessly recycle. Recycled aluminium is just as strong as new aluminium and it lasts incredibly well without rusting and rotting. We use Accoya for our timber door and window options which is modified softwood it will not need to be regularly treated and it will not move in different environments.

Internal Finishes

Floor Finishes: When we promote our floor finishes we initially ppoint to our main resource and focus point which is Rubber flooring. Rubber floor is constructed using recycled car tyres, it is hard wearing and has been awarded some of Europes most prestigious eco certifications. Bamboo, and wool carpets are also very sustainable options, we are not limited to these floor finishes and if you wish to use any other product then you simply need to tell us what you want.

Wall and ceiling finishes: we use birch ply wood as our finished wall surface this provides a beautiful finish but also removes the need to use products such as plaster and paint, birch plywood is a sustainable long term choice that has little impact on the global environment. If the you choose for a coloured wall finish we will pre paint the birch ply wood prior to delivery we only use paints with low VOCs and no oil, farrow and ball is our go to paint which has a beautiful range of colours, if you wish to go one step beyond we also use earthborn on request which can benefit allergy and asthma sufferers.

Off Grid: Take it off grid, as standard we have an allowance for fitting sockets, spot lights and switches but why not take it off grid. Normally an electrician will be required to run a cable from your existing electric source to the new room however with the use of renewable energy resources you can power your garden room fully using nature.

Guilty Pleasure? Our garden rooms have architectural features that add to the overall product these include feature side panels and copper external details, copper is not the guilty pleasure we make it sound as it is in fact sustainable due to its longevity and