Our Concept

Our concept is to build high quality garden rooms that also have eco friendly policies at affordable prices. We offer a product that can be adjusted to your requirements yet still be built efficiently and installed in a matter of days with a pre designed concept.

What is modular construction? Modular construction is a process in which a building is built off site in a controlled environment, the building is built in panels which are bolted together on site, modular construction is built with the same materials and the same regulations as standard construction but as it is built in a controlled environment and is meticulously planned it is built in a fraction of the time.

Speed of build: Our modular buildings are built off site and this means that our time on site is very little, we will generally take 3 days to fully install our rooms, 1 day for foundations, 1 day for the buildings and another for the waterproofing of the roof. In the factory modular construction is very quick. In most circumstances planning permission is not required and we will have your garden room built, installed and fully finished within one month of you paying your deposit.

Cost effective: Modular construction has numerous cost benefits over traditional on site construction. The process produces almost no waste, and the left over materials go into the next module meaning you only pay for what is used and not what would usually end up in landfill. Materials are pre cut in bulk and pre drilled which greatly reduces the construction time. There are no unknown quantities and everything is designed and planned all of this ultimately adds up to reduced labour time and most importantly cost saving.

Quality controlled construction: Modular manufacturing and construction is a process where tight tolerances and quality control are priorities. Unlike traditional construction methods, modular buildings are assembled in controlled environments. This allows the build process to be sheltered from the elements, building materials are stored in the same conditions, this reduces the chance of timber imperfections and warping. Insulations and substrate remain dry and stable. In addition, this also means our craftsmen work in the same controlled area each day, tools are kept in clean tidy environments and we also utilise better tools as opposed to things that simply fit in the builders van.

Sustainable: Not only do we use green materials but our construction method is also very sustainable. Modular construction uses production repetition which is common with assembly line manufacturing as a result the building process uses less energy than traditional construction, waste in modular construction is used instead of discarded. We store left over materials in controlled environments and recycle them for use in other projects. This helps reduce construction waste that normally ends up in landfills each year. Modular construction is a much more efficient building method. The small amounts of waste we do produce do not simply end up in a skip and ultimately landfill, we have a recycling policy for our minimal waste.

Maintenance free: We use materials which require little to no maintenance, we believe in building things to last and using the correct materials. Externally we use cladding that will naturally silver to a beautiful silver/grey colour this will then last for at least 35years and up to 80 years dependent on material choice. Our doors and windows are made from aluminium and our roof substrate is EPDM rubber, none of these materials will require maintenance. Internally we use natural birch ply on the walls and ceiling which is left with its natural finish unless requested, this has a natural wood grain and feels very warm to look at. We recommend flooring which is heavy duty and long lasting.

About Us

We are a Cambridge based company who offer a high end product at a reasonable price. Our offices are modular which means all our panels are made in our factory and will have to pass through quality control before leaving the factory. It also means we can build to almost any size limited to 0.6m increments. As our modular panels are built in the factory it means our time on site is kept to a minimum, the panels are prebuilt and have bolts ready to take the next panel, we can install our 4.8mx4.8m garden room including foundations and weatherproofing in 3 days, due to our building methods we still maintain an exceptionally high standard.

We believe strongly in looking after the environment and we offer a very sustainable product where we have meticulously looked into each element balancing environmental impact and longevity, this helps us use sustainable products throughout our build, we are constantly researching products and looking where we can improve to reduce our carbon footprint with a view to becoming climate positive in the future.

We produce a high quality product which we are proud of, our employees are craftsmen and they take pleasure in their work and the end result with every piece being hand made to the highest standards. We carry out all the construction and installation in house which keeps everything in our control.

Our Team

Customer relations: Customer service is a big part of our business, we make the whole process pleasurable and stress free with accurate details and no surprises, we are clear and precise we show all our prices upfront and have no hidden costs, this makes for a happy customer and an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Design Team: Our designs have been put together by the highly regarded Cambridge architect Toni Moses, Toni has worked in residential architecture for the past 25 years and has a great eye for detail, she has kept ahead of the trend throughout her years and generally works on cutting edge projects, we are incredibly lucky to have Toni in our team. The hidden details and insulations have been worked out by our team of structural engineers, we have been very careful to not only build these to building regulations but in fact exceed them for strength and insulation, we are believers that building regs are okay but if you want to make a quality build you need to exceed them by 5-10%.

Craftsmen: We have a team of highly qualified professionals who build the okopod modular structures, your building will be quality checked throughout the build process and will only be sent out when quality control are happy with every element. Our manufacturing team take great pride in their work.

Installation team: Our skilled installation team are polite, friendly and efficient. They take great care in preserving the surrounding grounds, they will install walking boards over grass to protect from foot traffic, the traffic is kept to a minimum as the panels are prebuilt and require simply bolting together as opposed to constructing. Our foundations are installed efficiently using concrete pads or groundscrews, the groundscrews are normally installed in a morning with the garden room being installed the same day where possible sometimes the rooms are too large for this but we will let you know on ordering. Concrete foundations will require installation the day before the garden room. The installation team are friendly but will cause you as little disturbance as possible.