Artists Studio
Artist studio for a Cambridge based artist working from home

Project information

Size: 3.8 x 5.3m externally

Cladding: Shou Sugi Ban (burnt thermowood)

Doors: Colour Jet black RAL9007, aluminium sliding door, 1200 x floor to ceiling window, 1200 x 460 vent window.

Range: based on the oko_quad style

Finishes: Birch ply interior walls and ceilings, single colour flooring, Shou Sugi Ban decking step

Project cost: £34,500 circa

Q: Why did you need a garden room?

A: I needed a garden room as I wanted my own creative studio space, I liked the contemporary modular design that would be finished quickly and were reasonably priced. I also liked the natural element of the insulation. 

How was the process?

A: It was an excellent experience. Quick friendly responses and quick troubleshooting when there were any problems or delays. All the workmen were excellent and very helpful.

How are you now using your OKOPOD

A: I am making an artist ‘s mess and starting to make my own creative space. It’s working great for what I had it made for. It is also a beautiful space that has so much potential to change if I wanted to